Turquoise, American home engineering and other interior decoration.

turquoise has always been the protagonist of many interior designs. Apply to different spaces and styles and continue to make history. We will focus on one specific case and we will see other examples. This is an apartment, the result of plasterline’s work. A Polish creative agency formed this project called American house. Turquoise is one of its attractions, in addition to using white and smooth surfaces.

Turquoise also has black panels in some accessories

, which makes the kitchen space more personalized. Except for the wood and Turquoise tones we mentioned, all these contrasts are changed by exquisite use. In particular, furniture brings natural simplicity. In short, this is a house full of inspiration. As we can see in the picture, the first impression of the living room is interesting and fresh. It is full of vitality due to the accessories of various colors.

is turquoise, in contrast to the wood

, which is a convenient and open space, including a modular coffee table. Although it is open, it is divided into a wall in a creative way through the location of the workspace. Turquoise is also important in the living room. If we are honest, they are important in the whole house, but in the living room, they are on the carpet. In sharp contrast to copper and other green details, it can be clearly seen. In this residential area, the division of several spaces such as kitchen is also realized through color.

wooden wall accent

lamps and other aspects can not be ignored. This is an incredible focus, and over time, it has become an important design work. It contains a storage space. Also decorated with matte black drawers and cabinets. The choice of furniture is from the low design. In this case, enjoying the citadina scenery is an important detail.

from the lounge,

the turquoise color in the lounge is also mixed with olives. Applied to partition walls, cushions and a creative Vanilla Garden. This is an echo. Your eyes can’t leave the kitchen. This tone is usually less common, but it has been broken here. Plasterline chose an aesthetic closer to the lack of natural light. In contrast to the kitchen, the kitchen is a bright cooking space. This lack of light and brightness also applies to other elements that make up it.

wooden expansion table

an obvious example is a fairly bright white on the dashboard. Accompanied by a wall with a wooden accent and lights. The same lighting applies to the island. Basically as a tool to compensate for the black matte countertop. Because of this practical lamp, the light can also be adjusted to the restaurant. It is worth noting that the table is formed with the extension of the island. A design especially suitable for cleaning.

wood trim countertop

just add chairs, which is perfect. Other Turquoise details can be seen in the bathroom and on some shelves. Together with plants, they create an excellent energy to stimulate creation. As a closed space, we also add other spaces using turquoise color. Remember, it symbolizes peace and inner peace. It is always a good choice to apply it in a balanced way. Turquoise accent on


coffee tableSome

green and black contrast

black contrast matte and wood

open spaces, Kitchen view

partition with wooden strips

shelves with color accent

space partition with green slats

wooden furniture with clear sound

attractive lighting effect design

overlooking from the lounge, Open space

desktop Island expansion

LED illuminated space

accented shelf


colors in the area


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