Vertical Garden – indoor interesting ideas

today, we will show you some of the most interesting indoor vertical garden designs and introduce you to some curiosity about this primitive gardening trend. First, we must point out that since In 500 BC, Nebuchadnezzar II built the hanging garden in Babylon to heal his wife’s nostalgia, The curative effect and practice of gardens also have a long-term relationship with oriental philosophy, which is now even recognized by Western medical circles. But as the world’s population grows to more than 7 billion, the space of the garden is shrinking. The vertical garden provides an opportunity for modern people to maintain the necessary contact with the earth, whether they live on the first floor or the fifteenth floor.

Vertical Garden – 50 interesting interior design concepts

this spectacular modern vertical garden apartment design belongs to Anton bietsev. There is a vertical garden inside the living room, but we will find these green plots in the whole apartment. Some are subtle, while others are more bold and prosperous, but each brings a special atmosphere to the whole house.

designs the garden in the framework of retro Turquoise

. For DIY lovers, we recommend making a vertical frame garden with succulent plants. In the above pictures, we can see how cool these retro style frames and vivid pictures are. This is a natural collection of pictures that will affect your home decoration.

Modern Vertical Garden Design

also has exexten special panels with grids, which are specially designed for the planting of vertical gardens. The grid structure helps keep each plant in its cells and develops correctly by forming a series of beautiful textures, shapes and colors.

kitchen uses vertical garden spices

planting natural spices in the kitchen has been a trend adopted by many people. If we put the plants in a vertical flowerpot, as we can see above, in a separate flowerpot, we can also save space in the kitchen.

kitchen and restaurant design with vertical garden

the selection of plants will be one of the key factors in designing our vertical garden, as they will determine the final appearance of the green wall. In addition to succulent plants, mosses and some ferns are good for such projects. Below we will list some of the most popular varieties of vertical garden plants: little girl on board, red palm, walnut shell, geranium, pineapple, Begonia, Hosta or baby tears.

mini succulent Vertical Garden

next, you will visit photos of other vertical gardens and indoor green walls, propose new ideas, and encourage you to design a vertical garden at home, We guarantee that you will be happy with the result. We’ll be back soon. There’s more news. Don’t miss our next article.

original interior design green wall

hanging plant bag

family vertical garden design

original Mini vertical garden design

SPS “interior green wall

interior green wall design

interior green wall design

original interior garden design

original interior green wall design


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