WABI Sabi – appreciate and celebrate imperfect beauty

WABI Sabi is a Japanese term that basically means finding beauty in imperfections. WABI refers to a modest and simple life combined with nature. Sabi refers to the ability to accept the life cycle of anything. In the field of design and interior decoration, wapisabi house is a real home.

discover the value in life, coordinate an environment full of love, and promote a universal feeling of peace and tranquility. The interior of WABI Sabi style does not add the latest highlights to highlight every detail, but finds harmony in imperfection. Perhaps this is a good choice to get rid of the obsession with perfection.

of course, The concept of WABI Sabi is not always easy to implement, which is why we will give you some basic suggestions to help you change and give your home a comfortable environment that you will want. In fact, few people appreciate the beauty of imperfection. Although we know that the whole world is full of imperfections, we still pursue perfection. But the philosophy that vabisabi offers, celebrating and appreciating imperfections, gives people a sense of tranquility.

modern small apartment adopts WABI Sabi design concept

, which is a WABI Sabi interior design concept. It is being implemented. You can enjoy it in this modern small apartment in Kiev. This apartment is an excellent example of WABI Sabi’s philosophy, with its high degree of minimalism and modern expression.

is designed by Sergei makeno. It can be seen that the interior of the apartment is covered with clay. This detail makes the apartment unique, comfortable and comfortable, while adopting the neutrality of modern interior design.

these two neutral and modern methods make a really charming combination. Here, the clay textured wall of the bedroom provides a background for accommodating a simple bed and provides a less is more decoration method.

elegant chandeliers and their intelligent lighting further strengthen this point. Make the WABI Sabi style the winner of this space. Interior designers are inspired by the scenery of South Asia.

especially in countries such as Sri Lanka and Thailand, which are the preferred locations for small apartment owners. Sometimes, the design and decoration of compromise style and the works of art in the living room will have the greatest visual impact.

in other cases, however, wooden cabinets or furniture in the kitchen are the perfect embodiment of decoration and interior design. This small apartment is really full of surprises and surprises.

some tips on designing WABI Sabi in your home. Enjoy the old

. It’s about enjoying what you already have, not a new one. That doesn’t mean you want to buy something that looks old or gets old on purpose. Every thing or element has its age. You just need to try to keep and enjoy it.

natural materials

choose as many organic elements or materials as possible. Try to use less plastic and more wood, glass, marble, ceramics, concrete, stone, metal, etc.

WABI Sabi color

WABI Sabi basedNaturally. All the beautiful colors you see in the mountains or on the beach. These tones are WABI Sabi’s colors. I mean, a lot of neutral and gray tones.

has no problem,

doesn’t actually need, for example, a perfect curtain hem. Don’t worry about any traces on the floor, or whether the linen sofa is wrinkled or slightly worn. As long as things look clean, fresh, informal, simple and simple, this is best for WABI Sabi’s style. Remember, this philosophy is about praising imperfections.


bring nature to your home. It’s easy to do this through sticks in vases, branches in flowerpots, leaves on tables, acorns in containers, or hand-made items made of natural materials. But you can’t exaggerate and let things fall as naturally as possible without complexity and perfection.

uses natural light

tries to use as much natural light as possible. Save the electricity bill and turn off the lights until it’s dark outside. Some people don’t put curtains or linen. This is to make closer contact with the outside world and obtain all possible natural light. This may help you not feel isolated and enjoy the people and scenery you can see.

smell and fresh air

open your windows at least once a day in any season. In this way, you can circulate fresh air in your home, give you a chance to feel new or old smells, or let them leave your home. You can also use organic and healthy candles and essential oils to give your home a pleasant smell.

clutter free

many times we have a lot of things we don’t actually need at home, and most of the time we don’t have a place for everything. You really don’t have to take away the clothes and other things we don’t wear anymore. We just need to get what we really need and donate the rest.

so WABI Sabi is described as imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. In fact, the beauty of all elements or things around us lies in their simplicity and simplicity. They may not be the focus, but they have a silent authority. Therefore, VABI Sabi is not just an aesthetic problem. But it’s also about objects that give you a sense of tranquility and are connected with it.

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