We can get inspiration from decorating houses and houses

today, we provide you with some very original modern home decoration ideas to encourage you to decorate your home in the best way. Sometimes decorating our house will make us feel very confused, and it may even be a difficult task.

decorated country villa is designed by Jim Murphy & associates

, which is full of inspiration. Because there are too many choices and too many choices to do, it is difficult not to feel confused or afraid of making mistakes. Many of us chose the long-awaited white walls and a complete set of furniture of the same design, but we were a little disappointed in the end.

modern home decoration RZ Owens constructions

design, so you won’t encounter this situation in this article. On our page, you can find ideas in photos and tips, which can help you decorate your home easily for the first time.

is an inspiring design of alchemy architects

. The first thing you have to do is decide what you like. Many people don’t know how to define their style and decoration they like. Not that they have no preferences, they just don’t know how to define their preferences.

is a modern house designed by Andr é s Remy architects in alcintina.

our suggestion is to look at photos of other houses, because this is the easiest way to find what you like. You can use our ideas. After that, compare your favorite pictures and find out what they have in common.

modern residence, the kitchen is open to the living room, so architectural design

we are talking about color and furniture style, Missing or existing objects in patterns and rooms. You must also consider the building of the room, as this may limit your choice.

decorated houses and residences are the choice of a spacious modern living room with light colored furniture

. Another very important thing is to calculate the accounts and calculate the available budget. If you can’t decorate the whole house at the same time, it’s best to start with the living room or kitchen, because these rooms are where we spend most of our time and should be our top priority.

house designed by Aspen Leaf interiors

when it comes to decoration, we always recommend that you choose the focus of the room first. The focus of the room is your most prominent feature. This is something that attracts everyone who enters the room.

decorates houses and residences. A very bright open graphic design house, designed by Ben and Nicole roe,

, all around the focus will complement this. You can use a fireplace or a window with a beautiful view as the focus of the room.

a large house designed by guayasamin architects in Quito, Ecuador

, but if your room does not have a fireplace or you see the opposite building from the window, you can draw it The color of the wall is different from other colors, and then put the illustrations or bookshelves on the wall.

is a house designed by extraction

in London. It can also simply use large furniture as the focus. Or because you didn’t focus on a great work of art. The big mirror is also very easy to use.

is a modern house with the original furniture of Fernanda marques Arquitetos. It is related to

. Choosing walls of different colors is the most advantageous choice, because you can decorate alre laterShe decorated the rest of the room with her own colors and main colors.

modern houses are designed by G architects, and the furniture is wooden

. Many designers follow the rule of odd numbers. Our idea is to divide details and objects into odd numbers because they are more attractive, memorable and effective.

the concrete roofed house

designed by ARQ group in Cordoba, Argentina. Another help is to group objects with different heights, shapes and textures. At the same time, it should have something in common.

open graphic design house in Sweden from gwsk arkitekter

when it comes to the organization of furniture, Most of us put them where we like, regardless of specific measures to make the room look better.

house designed by Hariri & Hariri architecture

the distance between the central table and the sofa must be at least 15cm. In exchange, the auxiliary table can be placed next to your furniture. If you hang a picture, your center should be at the eye level.

modern Israeli residence, with open graphic design, designed by Joel jospe architects

. If you hang multiple works of art, please keep the center point of all works of art at this level. If you hang a work of art on a sofa, make sure it’s not wider than the sofa. The distance between the sofa and the TV depends on the diagonal size of the TV.

lounge with brick fireplace designed by klopf architecture

For carpets, there are three options. The first method is to use a very large carpet to cover the floor of the whole room.

the house has white walls and wooden floors, designed by O’Neill Ross architects

. Another option is to leave 15 to 20 cm space between the wall and carpet. If you have a smaller space, You can choose smaller carpets.

Colombia’s very spacious country villa is designed by opus

About interior design, you can find it on our website.

Seville house designed by Pablo baruc

Los Angeles, California

modern apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, designed by Wolf architects,

designed by Emil dervish, living in Barcelona Designed by nook architects

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