Wine furniture for decorating and preserving the interior

decoration is an interior related theme in which different components of the house, such as paint, blocks and photos, decoration, color and furniture of the wall itself, can play a role. In this article, we will discuss wine furniture, which you can use not only to store your favorite beverage bottles, but also to decorate the interior, because some models are very interesting and original.

interior wine furniture

some wine furniture are very suitable for this function because they decorate the interior very primitive and elegant. You can choose a metal strip with a circular groove, the neck of the bottle is inserted into it, and the wine remains horizontal. This bar is on the wall and you can combine the decoration with other shelves.

decorates the interior with wine furniture

on the other hand, there is another very novel and attractive shelf, which has smaller and larger round metal strips in which bottles are placed. The bottle is inverted so that the bottleneck enters the smallest hole, and the bottle is placed vertically downward.

is a kind of traditional wine furniture with a hollow cup

. On the contrary, some wine furniture is more suitable for more traditional people and imitate the ancient forms of these furniture. They are usually wooden furniture with a rectangular shape and a space for bottles. At the bottom of the furniture is a space designed for cups.

is a kind of wine furniture occupying the whole interior wall

. On the contrary, for those who like wine, they can choose large shelves and large wine cabinets. These furniture occupy the whole wall. If it is a shelf, they can be metal. If it is furniture, they can be wood.

is a kind of modern empty bottle furniture. You can place

bottles in it. You can also place more shelves with wine cellars to decorate your walls in a very special way. You can also find two shelves with holes on both sides so that when you put the bottles in, they will hold better.

traditional wine storage methods

on the other hand, there are very original wine bottle furniture, which is more suitable for wine cellars. They may be metal shelves that occupy the whole wall, and you can find different models. Some furniture is designed to place bottles perpendicular to the wall, while others are designed to align with the wall. In this photo, you can see some shelves with bottles placed vertically, which is very suitable for rural interior and wine cellar. You can also choose some wine furniture, which will also look good in these rooms.

an elegant black furniture used to store wine bottles

a barrel shaped original furniture used for wine bottles

. Place the wine bottles diagonally.

is Your


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