Wood accent of modern interior decoration

everyone knows that wood always makes rooms look warmer, more comfortable and more attractive. Today, we want to show you a series of impressive interior decorations with wooden accents. Have a nice trip.

original modern interior design and wood accent

natural wood is one of the most beautiful elements in your home. Each work has its own rich colors and unique textures; It also has different types of finishes, both soft cushions and strong luster. The original terrace design of

has a wooden accent.

wood also has a unique smell. Many people think it makes the house more closely related to nature.

excellent wood interior design the new trend of

wood interior decoration with futuristic style makes it more attractive than ever before. Why not consider adding it to your home?

beautiful wooden restaurant furniture design

the main wood used by families is through furniture; Tables, chairs, cabinets, bookshelves, bookcases, dressers, tables and all kinds of decorative accessories.

original restaurant design, with natural wood accent

every house with enough space should have a wooden dining table large enough for the whole family and guests, and everyone can have dinner there.

great wooden living room design

wooden furniture provides instant elegance, although it may be a little more expensive than popular alternatives, but it has a longer service life, This is a good investment.

original modern interior design and

wood coating, whether smooth or carved, when it comes to the combination of color schemes, the natural tone of wood is also very flexible.

original loft apartment interior design, equipped with wooden shutters

solid wood doors and windows, to provide excellent security for your family. They also contribute to sound insulation and can delay the progression of home fires if the right type is selected.

beautiful combination of wooden shutters

wooden frame windows, whether natural or painted, are very good-looking and provide excellent thermal insulation, especially when combined with wooden shutters.

log floor living room design

wood floor has been popular in this century. As long as you polish them thoroughly once a year, they are easy to take care of and look great.

excellent modern bathroom design, equipped with wooden walls

wood on the wall, which can traditionally reach the waist height and bring classical elegance to the room or corridor. Dark oak is one of the most popular choices.

impressive interior design and natural wood ceiling

and wood panel ceiling are a little unusual and may be quite expensive, but they actually try to create an amazing aesthetics, especially if the ceiling is high.

original ceiling design with wooden strips

if you want to completely solve these problems, please consider painting wooden ceilings with different images on each panel.

beautiful natural wood staircase

this year’s wood is more popular than ever, which is the result of the combination of various interior decoration trends.

is a beautiful modern interior design style. The trend of integrating wood elements

is to try the combination of different materials, which shows that wood and metal can be well combined.

beautiful interior design and natural wood flooring

Bohemian trend has developed in response to minimalism in recent years, and painted wood has become a popular choice, The white painted wood is well combined with the coastal and nautical themes that many people like.

minimalist kitchen, wooden beams can see

if you think wood is an outdated material, you may be surprised by some of the current new trends. Wood carvings and curved shapes are fashionable and used to make eye-catching chairs and even bathtubs.

indoor minimalist wood beam view

these are just some elegant wood elements that reappear after decades, using various wood varieties and types, From mahogany to driftwood.

there are visible wooden beams on the ceiling of the kitchenette.

wooden wardrobe screen adds elegant elements to the bedroom. You can even find interior design, using live wood, which looks like a tree and sometimes embedded in niches in the wall, They are part of an organic trend.

original bathroom design, with wooden beams, you can see

, and the new wood can be very beautiful, especially in these elegant shapes. Some people also like old or aged wood and recycle them as much as possible. Recycling old wooden furniture is a good way to reduce waste and create unique items.

Oriental style living room decorative wood floor

the old door can be transformed into somier, the old floor can be assembled to build tables, and any type of wood can be processed into shelves.

great country style wood ceiling design

basic carpentry does not need many tools. You can find videos on the Internet to help you develop the skills you need. Sometimes, All you have to do is polish the rough surface and add a new layer of varnish to turn the old furniture into something that all your guests will envy.

modern living room design, with country style wood accent.

wood is not only an attractive material, Flexible and useful; In terms of environment, this is also a good choice. The purchase of new timber for sustainable harvesting ensures the sustainability of forests, which absorb carbon from the atmosphere and mitigate climate change.

original modern kitchen design adopts laminated wooden cabinet

, because it is a good insulator. Wooden floors, wallboards, shelves and window frames can maintain the heat in the home and reduce the use of fuel. Unlike many other materials, wood decomposes naturally when pulled and does not cause pollution.

excellent youth house design, wooden ceiling


has so many options that you don’t want to risk ending up in a mixed style, so take a moment to think about how to add wood to your home. A good start is to consider color. ” “KD SPE” and “KD SPE 7” impressive accent “Generally speaking, wood can be divided into gold, dark and red, but each wood has its own subtle tone. If you want to use a lot in a room, light wood such as pine is the best, but maintain a broad and bright feeling.

original interior design and modern wooden platform

Dark wood will give you a traditional and handsome appearance, conveying elegance and style. Red wood can make a complete statement, so it is usually used more carefully, such as on a separate furniture. The working surface of red wood can actually illuminate the kitchen.

original modern interior design, wooden ceiling

although knotting is part of the charm of wood, the less, the more elastic. Avoid knotting in areas with high pressure.

log elements modern office design When purchasing wooden furniture, please check whether the joints are firm and whether the wood makes a clear sound when knocking. Carefully selected wood products can be used for a lifetime and finally passed on to your children. The original design of

modern wooden staircase is equipped with integrated LED lights

each wood type and species has a separate cell structure, which creates unique physical properties and determines that it is suitable for different purposes.

originally designed lifting ladder with handrail and wooden steps

for example, the hardness of wood varies greatly, so it is not recommended to use some wood for flooring because they are not strong enough to withstand great wear and tear during use.

original modern kitchen design and wood coating

below, we will briefly compare American hardwood, often abused tropical softwood and hardwood and their appropriate applications:

original design of modern wooden wall Restaurant “Hardwoods are deciduous trees that have broad leaves and produce fruits or nuts and are usually dormant in winter. In North American forests, hundreds of species grow in temperate climates, including oak, ash, cherry, maple and poplar. Each species ensures maximum protection. Durable furniture, flooring and woodwork, each of which provides a unique brand, with different changes in pattern, texture and color.

modern bedroom log design

cork or coniferous wood has needles instead of leaves. Coniferous trees in the United States include cedar, fir, pine, Sequoia and fir. In a house, cork is mainly used as structural building wood, with Limited decorative applications.

original living room design with wooden accent

tropical hardwood, including mahogany, rosewood, teak and warm cover wood, which are not native to North America. They grow in the world’s tropical forests and must be imported for household use. And some woodTropical wood can be used for indoor applications, including flooring, color, texture pattern, hardness and luster. Many imported wood are different from American hardwood wood.

log stressed interior design

log stressed interior design

log stressed industrial and rural interior design

log stressed interior design

beautiful modern interior design with mahogany accent

apartment in Tel Aviv, named TLV, with wooden interior




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