Wood texture and contrast use natural light

has textured wood in many environments, and the use of this material finish can enrich the environment. It can be said that it is one of the most commonly used materials. In their potential, we can emphasize the resistance to time.

textured wood and natural finish design

sometimes need to be treated to achieve this strength. It is mainly to support the humidity in some areas such as the bathroom. The wood texture and acoustic performance are an integral whole. Compared with other materials, it avoids echoes and many noises. Its thermal conductivity prevents heat loss in space.

wood texture combined with various golden metal details in

lamps makes it very suitable for creating a warm and winter environment. On the other hand, when summer comes, it will stay cool inside. Based on the texture and image of wood, we designed the house we showed today. This beautiful work of Italian archiplanstudio is designed for a young family. This is a modern open design site, decorated with exquisite wood.

countertops and dashboards maintain the theme line of the whole house. This material

is provided with the same wood elements. Generally speaking, you can say that most designs have wood, but the whole attic still maintains a modern and fresh image. It is located on the top floor of the building and can include beams in the decoration. It has fully functional areas, such as restaurants.

choose different styles of chairs to make the restaurant

more dynamic. The wood texture and the whole design look completely harmonious. Small offices and fully functional bathrooms are not to be missed. The shell of the bathroom is an extension of the first floor residence. Wood as a visual resource balances the white walls. Although it is very popular in every field, its aesthetics does not tend to rural style. Another style of wood decoration.

light colored thin wood strips are used as separators of

environment. As we mentioned, they are quite modern with modern lines, especially bright lines. Use natural light to finish this picture. A skylight on a sloping roof is the best solution. They let a lot of natural light into the bathroom and room. The entire distribution is based on continuous regions. Starting from a seating area, there is an inflated modern image.

is a very special cabinet for the kitchen environment, equipped with fine glass finishes

, and the bathroom is connected with a more spacious restaurant and kitchen. The view ends in the workspace. These areas are separated by a wall of battens. To give it a striking look, archiplan studio includes a glass cabinet. Choose different chairs and golden lights. Together, they create a special atmosphere and expose other materials.

wall mounted bench is a perfect corner for reading or rest.

choose white office furniture to fully coordinate with the environment.

shelves are available in all places near the office wall The surface of the suspended


, ,


is white, which is in contrast to the natural light entering from the roofimg12“

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