Wooden ceiling – warm and charming touch in your home

today we offer you some ideas for wooden ceilings in different rooms. In the photos below, you can see that there is a wooden ceiling in the rooms with different designs.

wooden ceiling adds a rustic flavor to your restaurant

. When you try to create a warm and comfortable appearance for your home, some materials may be better than others. Wood is one of these materials. There is no doubt that they will add some warm atmosphere to your home.

wooden ceiling is very clear and can further illuminate your space.

most people choose to add wood to the room floor as part of the design. You may want to consider using wood in an unexpected place, such as the ceiling, so that your room has more texture and size.

wooden ceiling on the bedroom attic

if you’re not sure how to decorate or add wood to the ceiling, Because you have all kinds of choices, these pictures can help you.

wooden ceiling at the entrance of the wooden house

depends on the style and type of use. The wooden ceiling can work with several different types of decoration, so that you can finally get a look complementary to the rest of your home.

decorative wood panels are designed by Altius architecture

on the roof of this house, and the wooden ceiling can give your room a comfortable appearance and create a sense of closed and dark space. To avoid feeling like you’re in a cave, we suggest you find a way to illuminate and illuminate the space.

bedroom adopts natural wood ceiling designed by country design and atre studio architetti

if you want dark wood ceiling, we suggest you choose light and light walls, which is the best choice.

living room, designed by atre studio architetti

, the ceiling is very bright because you know there are many shades of white, or you may prefer cream or ivory. These colors are very attractive choices, but any light gray, Blue or yellow can also work well.

in the living room, there are boards on the ceiling and walls, designed by Bates Masi architects

. In the room with dark wooden ceiling, another thing that can work well is the light floor to illuminate the space. Use light and neutral carpets, such as very light yellow or brown, to balance with the wooden ceiling. The wooden roof bathroom with the concept of


is designed by batesmassi architects.

lighting is also the key. Central accessories can be very effective in providing overall lighting, but you may want to combine lighting with LED bulbs embedded in the ceiling to ensure that the whole room is bright enough.

the living room is designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. The wooden ceiling is

. The windowless windows can also provide more natural light. Because wooden ceilings often provide a comfortable appearance, you can choose warm furniture colors to make the room look closer.

country villa is designed by carbon dioxide architects

for large furniture. Rich chocolate or mahogany color is an ideal choice. When it comes to accessories such as carpets, curtains, lights and cushions, you can use blue, black and other colors more boldly.Earth or gold.

living room design Atak design, with light colored wooden ceiling

. If you are a fan of the brightest colors, please choose bright colors for details and red, orange or yellow for decoration. For the bedroom, soft colors, such as yellow or pink, are also attractive choices.

kitchen is designed by Atak. The wooden ceiling matches the dining table

. The wooden ceiling immediately provides a warm and natural appearance for your room, Therefore, you can complement this style by adding other natural elements to the design. Plants are ideal for choosing room accessories.

modern living room, ceiling designed by GA

Our very original wooden ceiling photos let you be inspired to add this very comfortable element to your home design.

a false roof surrounds the wooden roof in the center

wooden roof luminous house designed by church architects

a house with a roof of

in Chile Wood designed by j.c.architecture

, stone walls and wooden ceilings designed by Tracy hardenburg

, white ceilings and large wooden beams in the kitchen, designed by vanguard studio Inc

fireplace and ceiling of the same wooden roof

open graphic design house and wooden roof

small bedroom, wooden roof

house Designed by guild architects, wooden roof

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