Wooden wall for bedroom

when we want to decorate our interior in an original and modern way, we usually choose different decoration methods, such as painting, bookshelf or photos. In this article, we will discuss a very elegant form of decoration, mainly focusing on the wall. These walls are covered or lined with wood, Although this decoration also has panels.

interior wood wall

the first thing to say is that the wood you use for wall decoration may have different designs, and you can choose some very interesting choices. In this picture, the wood on the wall is cut into irregular pieces. These fragments are not put together like puzzles, but overlap each other, leaving a small space between the fragments. Some lights were installed behind the panel to illuminate the empty line between the wood. This makes the wood glow to some extent, highlighting the irregularity of the wood.

decorates the wall with wood

on the other hand, you can also choose the wood board of headboard type. This wooden decorative wall is also very novel and modern. You can install small lights on it to increase the elegance and style of the room.

use wood in bedroom wall decoration

on the other hand, in wooden wall decoration, you can combine wood types of different colors or textures. For example, in the above picture, you combine the light colors of furniture and headboard with the dark colors of other parts of the wall on the bed.

a room in the luxury Edelweiss villa

in this photo, we show you a room in a very luxurious Edelweiss villa. This hotel is located in the French Alps, more specifically in kurshville. As you can see, this is a very widely used room because wood is used not only for walls, but also for floors and ceilings.

is an interesting original design for your bedroom wall, combined with

mirrors. In this photo, you can see another idea of decorating the wall with wood. You can do it with a wood design that allows you to put other things under it, that is, you can choose a wood with gaps. In this way, you can put the mirror in the hole. So you have a very modern and elegant interior. In addition, the color of the wood must be combined with the color of other parts of the bedroom. You can also lay the wood on the floor with a slightly darker color.

a wood like wall used in your bedroom.

wooden walls are also ideal for bright interiors. However, if your interior is very bright and there are many light colors inside, you’d better decorate the wall with a similar material. In addition, on the wall, you can add other types of decoration, such as painting or fireplace, such as gas painting.

walls are covered with wooden decorations. Your house

. In addition, the wooden walls of your room can occupy almost all the walls. On the contrary, for the floor, you can choose wood of different shapes or wood combinations of different colors. Wood makes the room very natural and suitable for smaller rooms.

AprilOn the other hand, wooden walls also allow us to decorate the interior with the numbers provided by cutting wood


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. You can put these numbers on the wall of your bedroom. If amdra is dark, you can combine this color with the wood color of the floor and choose an equally dark color. The rest of the walls may be light colored. In this way, you will get the contrast of the wood color.

bedroom wall decoration uses a combination of different types of wood and different colors. The combination of

color and texture can also be realized by selecting the darker tone in the wood color. When you color it, you can use these two colors to make different shapes to find the contrast of color and shape. As shown in the figure above, this contrast has been achieved, and the light color of the wood seems to be prominent, while the dark color becomes the background paper.

a bedroom decorated with wood color on the wall and white

. If your room is small, you can use light wood and combine it with white to provide the most spacious feeling.

a very modern and original bed, placed on a wooden platform and extending from the wall.

different wood designs are used for wall decoration.

a horizontal wood design with protrusions is used for wall decoration

wood verticality designed for your bedroom wall

wood wall for interior decoration

a room with a sloping ceiling and a wooden covering wall sloping with the ceiling

wooden decorative walls made of small squares

make the room completely wooden

use recycled and polished wood for interior decoration

combined with wood tone and indoor color is a simple wall decoration. The floors and wooden walls of the same color are covered with

and “save

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